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Welcome to Wendorff Dancing Academy

Wendorff Dancing Academy is a professional facility for quality dance training in the performing arts of Jazz, Tap, Theatrical, Classical Ballet and Contemporary. Other classes offered are: Hip Hop, Singing, Skills and Technique, VCE VET Dance and VCE Dance.

Dance improves physical fitness, co-ordination enhances rhythm, musicality and expression while teaching both poise and posture. Students develop self-discipline, and a complete understanding of the performing arts.  At Wendorff Dancing Academy we aim for dance classes to be fun, interesting and meaningful. An encouraging and supportive atmosphere is promoted while providing excellent training. Wendorff Dancing Academy continues to elevate its educational and artistic standards by being current, inspiring and creative. The studio will ensure artistic and technical training is matched with education to develop an all round dancer with opportunities for both recreational and students ready for the professional world, and to ensure every student feels important.

The Wendorff Dancing Academy is a performing arts studio and registered Academy with the Australian Academy of Theatrical and Ballet Dancing and in itself a recognised and registered Society for Australian Dance. The studio has successfully been running for 30 years.

Parents want the best for their children and we strive to provide the best in all fields. Wendorff Dancing Academy only has highly qualified teachers. Teachers have registered advanced teaching Diplomas of each varying discipline incorporating many years of study, and some are assessors for examinations and VCE Dance and VCE Vet Dance. 

Registered teachers uphold standards of good practices and codes of professional conduct and maintain high artistic and professional standards.

Former pupils have been accepted into tertiary dance and theatre education with Rusden College, Victorian College of the Arts and various full time dance courses, Australian Ballet School, Secondary Victorian College of the Arts and W.A.P.P.A. Former pupils have also professionally danced in Cats, The French ballet, The Don Lane Show, IMT, Handspan Theatre, German Ballet Companies and various floorshows and corporate functions around Melbourne and Victoria.

Our studios are permanently set up in accordance with Australian Ballet School Standards. They are fully equipped with barres and mirrors; excellent sound system and video facilities. There are television monitors, which enable parents to view classes, and their child's progress, as entry to the classroom is restricted to special open days during the final week of term. Download 2018 Registration Form