Wendorff Dancing Academy believes in the importance of every student having an attainable goal and progress is measured either by Examination or Assessment.

Examinations are open to all students offering them a challenge to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of the work and are included in performing art dance classes.These examinations are external and benchmarked.

  • Wendorff Dancing Academy has a 100% pass rate for students in examinations in all types of dancing - jazz, tap and classical ballet with the Australian Academy of Theatrical and Ballet Dancing Inc.
  • This society is recognized throughout Australia, and its syllabus has been devised with great care.
  • All examinations count towards a Diploma of Dance in their respective fields and qualifications may be used to eventually teach or dance professionally .
  • For passing a grade the student receives a report on their examinations and are graded for their own benefit, receive a medal & a certificate and are eligible for the many awards (trophies and scholarships) that the Wendorff Dancing Academy wins every year.
  • Exams are not compulsory but recommended as it reinforces the discipline of dancing.